We love all things Environ at SOS, from facials to cool peels, it’s a skincare system that delivers when comes to treatments and products. If you’re not already a convert to one of beauty’s most iconic brands, its time to give it a chance. Our latest blog will give you the reasons why, then it’s down to you to try…

1) Environ is a global, professional skin care brand with a range of quality products built around vitamin A; the ‘oxygen’ skin needs to look healthy and beautiful.

2) Environ products and treatments are made from natural ingredients. While this gives them a shorter use by date, it means you are getting quality ingredients for your skincare needs.

3) Environ treatments are delivered by trained skincare professionals – you won’t find any amateur treatments here – which makes Environ a class act in our eyes.

4) Environ uses innovative electro-sonic technology, in many of its treatments, making them truly unique in the skincare world. In fact it’s used in all of Environ’s legendary ‘essential’ treatments from its ever popular Essential YOUTH RESET to its Essential MOISTURE BOOST.

5) Environ’s ‘focus on’ treatments allow you to target those areas of concern, from frown lines, to scars, blemishes to wrinkles. Theses treatments can do wonders for pigmentation too.

6) Environ’s cool peels offer the ultimate in skin renewal treatments to improve a number of issues, from sun damage to congested skin.

7) Environ takes a scientific approach to skincare. Environ products are all backed by extensive research and they company is constantly innovating new products.

8) Environ is a professional skincare range, sold via certified environ stockists. You won’t see products readily available at your local chemist.

At Secret Oasis Spa, we only ever use top quality products, which is why Environ is one of our favourites when it comes to facial treatments. We also stock and sell their products too.

To find out more, email info@secretoasisspa.co.uk or head over to our Environ Facials page.

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