Thinking of trying cupping, but haven’t quite got round to making that appointment yet? The Secret Oasis Spa in Fulham, West London, takes you through some of the prime benefits of the ancient Chinese therapy of cupping.

1) Cupping improves circulation

In a nutshell, cupping is all about improving blood flow through the tissues to promote healing within the body. Cupping increases blood flow within the vessels and capillaries, which means that the surrounding tissue receives a boost in nutrients and oxygen. This can have an anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect. It also draws blood to the surface of the skin (this is where the bruise marks come from).

2) Say goodbye to shoulder and back pain

Many people experience reduced shoulder and back pain after cupping therapy. Clients also experience a greater feeling of wellbeing and have reported higher pain thresholds after a session.

3) Ask an Olympian

If you watch sport on telly, you many be used to seeing the tell tale marks of cupping therapy adorn the fit and famous. Many believe it improves performance and reduces stiffness, muscle cramps and joint pain.

4) Cupping can help with emotional and mental issues

Stressed, anxious or depressed? Cupping induces a deep state of relaxation which is beneficial to both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Cupping can help calm the mind so you can better deal with those worries and fears, or induce an emotional release for those pent-up issues.

5) Cupping can make your skin glow

That boost in circulation and expansion of capillaries has a very beneficial effect on your skin, reducing skin inflammation while also firming and toning the skin.


6) Cupping can be used with other therapies

Many people combine cupping with acupuncture for the ultimate Chinese Medicine treatment. It can also be used with massage and aromatherapy too.

To find out more about what cupping involves, visit our Chinese Acupuncture page and scroll down to the cupping section. You can also find out more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in our blog A beginners guide to Chinese Medicine.

You can book your cupping session at the Secret Oasis Spa by phoning 020 7371 5118, emailing or filling in our online contact form to contact us for an appointment.

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