With father’s day approaching you may be wondering what to get for your dad, hubby or the man in your life. The male beauty industry is booming, with products and treatments ‘just for him’ dominating the health and beauty isles of your favourite chemists and supermarkets. Make no mistake that the traditional female stronghold of the spa is changing too. So with the run up to Father’s Day approaching, you may be tempted to buy him something a little different this year. Here are our favourite treatments, designed for men of all ages and backgrounds, to help make them feel fab this Father’s Day.


There’s no doubt that a good massage is top of the list to make you feel relaxed and help ease out any little aches and pains. It’s the perfect spa gift to give, that even the most manly of men will appreciate.

For those new to massage, a Sweedish Massage is the one to try. It’s the classic stress relieving treatment that leaves you with the ultimate feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

For those who like their massages powerful, then a Deep Tissue Massage offers the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage but the pressure will be more intense, allowing the practitioner to get deeper into problem areas and release sore, tight muscles.

If your dad is into sports then a powerful and focused Sports Massage could be a good choice. This type of massage focuses in on ‘stress’ points caused by sport. Regular sports massage helps to keep your body injury free too.

And don’t forget, at Secret Oasis Spa, all our hour-long massages include a free Steam Room session too!


It may seem like the domain of women, but men can really benefit from facials too.

Try the High Performance Skin Energiser facial for men. This hard-working facial is designed for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. It maximises cell regeneration, as steam and extraction decongests. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst a scalp and foot massage leave him feeling deeply relaxed.


Oh yes, men deserve to enjoy a good manicure and pedicure – they can just skip the polish side of things. Manicures and pedicures keep your hands and feet in tip, top condition, so why should men miss out?

Try a Full Classic Pedicure, which includes a foot soak in our luxury foot spa, cutting, filing, buffing, complete cuticle work and removal of hard skin. All topped off with a foot exfoliation, a deep relaxing foot massage with hydrating cream. It’s bliss for hard working feet.


Admittedly this is probably only for the select few, but the amount of men going down the waxing route is growing year on year.

You can wax pretty much anything, with the most popular waxes being chest, back, neck, cheeks, arms and legs.

Gift vouchers

And if you don’t know what he’ll enjoy the most, why not get him a spa gift voucher so he can choose himself? Vouchers at SOS are available for any treatment or any amount, just get in touch.

Want to find out more about the treatments on offer at SOS. Either fill in our online form, contact us on 020 7371 5118 or email info@secretoasisspa.co.uk

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