At last the warmer weather is here and it will mean a change for your beauty regime. Not only will you be baring more skin, (eeek!) but you’ll be swapping those winter boots for cute strappy sandals, exposing feet and toes that have been hidden away for the winter months!

It’s time to step up your beauty routine and prepare for the sunshine ahead with the Secret Oasis Spa’s top 5 beauty regime changes:

1) It’s time to think hair removal

If you’ve been hiding under jeggings and jumpers for the past couple of months, its fair to say that hair removal hasn’t been a high priority. But with the shops full to the brim with the latest spring and summer trends, and impromptu visits to beer gardens with friends, it’s time to think seriously about ditching the razor and booking in a wax for a long lasting hair-free look.

SOS top tip: If you are new to waxing or a confirmed wimp when it comes to pain, pay a bit extra for a Lycon wax. Different waxes need to be used at different temperatures. Generally speaking higher temperature waxes will be more painful. Lycon wax can be used at lower temperatures, to give you the best experience, as pain-free as possible.

Check out our waxing page, packages and special offers.

2) It’s time for a pedicure

Those winter boots are gone and those delicate sandals are in! While it may be freeing for your feet, if you’ve not taken good care of them all winter, you may be in for a bit of a shock when putting those strappy shoes on. But all is not lost, a bright polish and some much needed TLC can work wonders for tired toes.

SOS top tip: If you’ve left your feet to fend for themselves all winter, you may find that splashing out on either a Full Classic Pedicure, or Luxury Spa Pedicure will pay dividends in the long run. Our full classic pedicure includes soaking, cutting, filing, buffing, complete cuticle work and removal of hard skin. All topped off with a foot exfoliation, a deep relaxing foot massage with hydrating cream, and finished with a polish of your favourite choice. For a little extra our luxury version includes all the above plus a foot mask or paraffin wax. Pure indulgence for your hard working feet!

Check out our manicure and pedicure page, packages and special offers.

3) It’s time to give your skin some TLC

There’s no doubt that bad weather and central heating system play havoc with our skin. Once the spring comes and you feel the layers of clothes falling away, dry skin on problem places such as arms, elbows and knees can become an issue.  It’s time to up your skin game with a regular exfoliation and mosturising regime.

SOS top tip: For a real treat head for the salon for a salt scrub. This treatment sees fragranced salt rubbed into the skin to remove dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells. The salt leaves skin smooth and ready to absorb a deeply nourishing body oil, designed to leave skin deeply cleansed, silky-smooth and glowing. Brilliant as a one-off treatment, or part of a regular routine.

Check out our body treatments page, packages and special offers.

4) It’s time to book a facial

Your skin has worked hard all winter and now is a great time to get on top of any issues. With a wide range of facials available to tackle problems such as fine lines, acne, uneven skin tone or oily skin, you can have the smoother, brighter, illuminated skin you’ve always wanted.

SOS top tip: Our Anti-Blemish, Mattify and Calm/Deep Cleansing facial (also known as the S.O.S Purifying facial), is a dream for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear, bright skin.

Check out our facials page, packages and special offers.

5) It’s time to invest in a good suncream and moisturizer with a SPF

This should be a no-brainer with the sunshine in our sights. Sun damage is dangerous and it’s surprisingly easy to be caught out – especially when the nice weather starts to appear. Make sure you are protected at all times by using a moisturiser with added sun protection.

SOS top tip: We are big fans of Elemis’s Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 and Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream SPF 30. Both a Sun protection Factor (SPF) of 30 to keep you protected throughout the day.

Did you know you can buy Elemis products in store at SOS?

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