Whether you are shattered from work and homeschooling, or feeling your wellbeing diminish with the stress of lockdown, it has never been more important to indulge in some quality ‘me time.’ If you are missing SOS and your regular relaxing treatments, we have a few suggestions to help turn your own home into a spa like sanctuary.

1) Create the right ambience

The moment you walk into a spa, you should feel soothed, relaxed and pampered. Key to recreating this sensation is to engage as many of the five senses as possible – sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Luckily enough, there are a number of things you can do at home.


Turn off any harsh lighting and use something with a warmer light. While cooler lighting tones can be great for re-energising you, warmer tones will feel far more relaxing. Candles (when used safely) can also create a soothing lighting effect.

Whether you are turning your bathroom or bedroom into your spa sanctuary, make sure you have first tidied away any mess. You will find it infinitely easier to relax in an ordered space.


Scented candles, incense sticks or room sprays will engage your sense of smell and help you drift off to another time and place. This can be especially important for those with sensitive skin who may not be able to use perfumed products. For those who don’t, using your favourite scented lotions and potions will mean that you take your spa experience with you, even when the indulgence is over.


Background music or noise can make or break your home spa session. Choose a relaxing soundtrack and play it at a low volume.  If you don’t have anything to hand, head to YouTube where you can find anything from soothing rain sounds to music for meditation.


Sometimes the simple things are best in life. Prepare yourself an ice cold water with a wedge of fresh lemon, or have your favourite herbal tea on hand.


Fresh, soft towels and bedding are the perfect accompaniments to your home pamper session. It’s all about embracing those creature comforts and wrapping yourself in a little luxury.

2) Banish all interruptions

You’ll find it hard to relax if the kids are barging in asking for snacks every five minutes or your WhatsApp is pinging constantly with messages.  Choose a time for your pamper session when you know you are most likely to get some peace and quiet. Turn all your notifications off on your phone, and enjoy an unadulterated moment of relaxation.

Talking of peace, it may be prudent to start relaxing before you take some time out, so limit your screen time 30 minutes before and maybe treat yourself to a calming herbal tea or a glass of something chilled and bubbly.

3) Use the right products

Whether you are a beauty product addict, who has run out of space for all your lotions and potions, or you keep things simple with a few essentials, you can still create an indulgent ‘at home’ experience.

It’s important to value yourself while in lockdown. Treat yourself to your favourite bubble bath or moisturiser, or try a product you’ve been longing to give a go. At SOS we always recommend Elemis and Environ products for their quality, natural ingredients and skincare ethics. If you need to stock up, get in touch with us on info@secretoasisspa.co.uk for our latest offers.

If budgets are tight, then you can still give yourself a real treat with a few simple (and cheap) products, easily available in supermarkets and chemists. Epsom Salts are excellent for soothing sore or tight muscles and aiding a good night’s sleep. Everyday brands such as Radox even do scented versions, to give your bath a bit more bang for your buck.

4) Exfoliate

Nothing else will perk your skin up like a good, face and body exfoliation. Not only can it improve circulation, cleanse and brighten the skin, all while reducing the effects of acne scarring and pigmentation, but it can improve skin texture and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

So grab your face and body scrubs, brushes or loofa’s and exfoliate away! And if you want to know more, our Insiders Guide to Exfoliation will give you a bit more info on why exfoliation is so important.

5) Experiment with treatments at home

In our blog on lockdown beauty hints and tips should give you all the inspiration you need to try some lockdown home beauty. And don’t forget, once it is safe to do so, you’ll be able to book in for all your favourite treatments at SOS.

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