What is cellulite and how is it formed?

90% of all women have cellulite. Frequently attributed to poor circulation, hormonal changes, poor diet and improper exercise, cellulite is actually due to malformation of connective tissue below the skin. Underneath the epidermis lies subcutaneous fat, which, over time can grow. Women with cellulite have more fibrous connective tissue or “cords”, which connect the dermis to the superficial fascia and can over time degenerate causing the epidermis to become rippled or bumpy – Cellulite.

Detox or “body cleansing” helps the body eliminate toxic waste stored in the tissues, helping you to feel more energised, healthier and cleaner, with improved concentration and better digestion. This treatment focuses on specific massage techniques – gliding strokes, cross fibre friction strokes, deep friction strokes, kneading and lymph drainage. All reduce cellulite by aiding circulation and the detoxification process of the affected cellulite areas. The treatment includes dry brushing, exfoliation, manipulation of cellulite and the breakdown and separation of fat cells.


  • Increased blood circulation to affected areas
  • Redistribution and break down of fat cells
  • Lymph drainage aids the detoxification process
  • Creates smoother appearance in affected areas
  • Decongests and strengths the skin
  • Assists in regeneration of connective tissue.

Cost and duration

£90 (75 mins).

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