Moist heat envelopes your body leading to a feeling of peace, ease and relaxation. Spasms and contractions of muscles become relaxed. The gentle moist heat penetrates skin and tissue.

As the temperature of the skin rises, the metabolism speeds up, enabling the detoxification process to begin. Skin pores open to allow skin and tissue cleansing. Regular use will enhance skin tone and condition.

As the body’s metabolism continues to be encouraged by the moist heat. Detoxification of lymph glands, kidneys and liver takes place as blood flow increases and skin pores and tissues are cleansed. Leaving the bather feeling relaxed and composed with a sense of wellbeing.

Cost and duration

  • Duration: 30min
  • Cost: £20 per Session*

* Free use of the steam room when booked with one hour of any massages. (This offer can only be used twice a week).

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