Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage aims to increase the flow of lymph around the body, by using very light pressure and long gentle strokes thereby increasing the elimination of toxins from the body.

Mindful Body Therapy

Mindful Body Therapy is the awareness of mind, body, and spirit. It is inspired by the ancient Vedic healing system and a belief in a truly holistic approach to therapy. It combines massage, aromatherapy, yoga based stretching therapies, meditation, Reiki and other healing techniques, to restore physical, emotional, and mental balance. The treatment is individualised, […]

Ayurvedic massage therapy (Abhyanga)

Ayurvedic Massage is also known as Abhyanga – the massaging of the body in the direction of arterial blood flow.

Myofascial release and trigger point massage therapy (MFR)

MFR is a specialised treatment that releases restrictions within the connective tissue, enabling stuck, hardened and dehydrated areas to become soft and pliable.

Reiki Therapy & Meditation

Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy, administered by the therapist using hand positions to promote healing of the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual.

Ayurvedic Head Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Head Massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face, and scalp – the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension.


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