Whether you love Christmas gift shopping or hate it, buying a thoughtful gift is a surefire way to put a smile on anyone’s face. If you are buying for the lady in your life, your mum, sister, aunt, gran, or a good friend, then a spa package can be the ultimate feel good treat.

But before you go out in search of that luxury treatment package, there are a few things you may need to consider. Jade Xie, owner of the Secret Oasis Spa, let us in on her top tips:

The package is king:

“Buying a spa package can not only offer excellent value for money (as treatments combined in a package are usually discounted), but also includes treatments which naturally complement each other. This is really important, especially for those who don’t frequent spas regularly, as it takes all the guesswork out what treatments work together the best.

Timing is also everything when it comes to a relaxing spa visit, so if you choose a package, the salon will have everything organised the moment your loved one or friend walks through the door. No long waits, just pure indulgence all the way.

Ease away stress, anxiety and pain:

“Spa treatments and packages are not just about looking and feeling beautiful. We all have the pressures of modern day life upon us. Spa treatments can offer an amazing way to relax, de-stress and rebalance our body and mind.”

Treating someone you love to a deep relaxing treatment or package can have a beneficial effect on:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain (to name but a few)

How many Christmas presents can offer that?

Detox and reboot:

We all over-indulge at Christmas (who doesn’t?) so a detox package can be a great way to give someone back their get-up-and-go, or to just give the body a break from the excesses of the festive season.

Jade says “Detox treatments and packages are becoming increasingly popular all year round, but can be especially beneficial during and after the Christmas period. They leave you looking and feeling great without having to go on a weird and wonderful juicing diet or following the next fad.”

Talking of looking and feeling great…

Look your best for the party season:

“There’s no doubt that a couple of hours in a spa has a radiant effect on our skin. For those feeling their skin needs a boost, choosing a package which includes a quality facial is a must. But if your gift is for someone who has problem skin, such as acne or eczema, it may be best to talk to the salon first about the most suitable treatment.

Spa treatments aren’t just for women:

Admittedly we did put ‘for her’ in our blog title, but you should also remember that spa packages are not just for women. Jade continued, “At SOS we have plenty of treatments aimed at men. In fact our couple’s massage room is in incredibly high demand, as the amount of couples who book for treatments together rise.”

Which leads us onto…


Spa gifts are great to share:

What’s better than being bought a spa treatment or package as a gift? Having someone to share the experience with of course. It’s not just a relaxing treat, but a real fun and bonding experience. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a bit of TLC?

The free gift:

“A lot of Christmas packages will also include a free gift, so keep your eyes peeled for packages that offer that little something extra to take home after.”

Find out more about Christmas Packages at the Secret Oasis Spa

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