At SOS we are naturally huge fans of facial treatments, so we’ve pulled together our top benefits of having a professional facial:

  1. It makes you feel good!
  2. Facials give you time with your very own skincare expert to discuss your skin and it’s needs.
  3. Professionals use quality products and techniques that you won’t have access to at home.
  4. Facials play a key role of skin health. Not only can they thoroughly cleanse, decongest and exfoliate your skin, but they can help aid circulation. Skin is the biggest organ in your body so it pays to keep it healthy!
  5. Facials are good for your general wellbeing as they can be deeply relaxing and help lift your mood.
  6. Facials can help mask the signs of aging by targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging facials are especially good at boosting collagen, circulation and encouraging cell regeneration to rejuvenate your skin.
  7. Facials can aid the appearance of skin issues such as scarring, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and uneven skin tone.
  8. Facials can target skincare issues such as acne that may dent your self-confidence. Leave the spa feeling far more confident in your appearance and with the skincare tools to help deal with flare-ups.
  9. Facials can also target specific areas, with a targeted approach to skincare. Whatever the problem, there will be a facial to suit.
  10. You will leave the salon glowing!

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