If you are a waxing virgin, there are a few things you need to know before going for your first wax. There’s pretty much a waxing style for every area of the body, so one of the first things you need to know is what to ask for. To help you know your half-leg from your Hollywood, here’s our round up of waxing jargon, so you can make your first appointment in confidence.

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Legs and bikini

Half leg wax
Half leg (sometimes called lower leg) waxing is everything from just above the knee downwards. This will often include the feet / toes if required.

3/4 leg wax
This wax includes everything from mid-way up the thigh downwards. It also normally includes the feet and toes.

Full leg wax
Does what it says on the tin. This wax includes everything from the tops of the thighs down to your toes!

Regular bikini wax
If you are a first timer, this is the best wax to go for in the bikini area. The regular bikini wax literally tidies everything up ‘down there’ and takes off a little around the sides and the top. You are still a long way from the landing strip look, but on the other hand you can still hit the beach without worrying about stray hairs. You can also normally keep your knickers on.

High bikini wax
This is the next step up from the regular bikini wax. This gives you the option to take as much as you want off the front, so get that landing strip ready…

Brazilian wax
This is a pretty full on wax, with hair removed from the top and sides like the high bikini wax, but also from the labia and the bum. When it comes to the hair that’s left, you can choose from styles such as landing strip, Mohawk, martini glass, Bermuda triangle, postage stamp, heart, or you can have it all off.

Hollywood wax
For the brave and the bare! The Hollywood wax takes every bit of hair off (and we mean everything!). Like the Brazilian wax, be prepared to get into some strange positions to get that hair-free look, but don’t worry your therapist has seen it all before.


Half arm wax
This wax includes everything from the elbow down. This normally includes the hands and fingers too.

3/4 arm wax
This wax takes off everything the half arm does, but goes that bit further. Taking off the hair from 3/4 between the elbow and shoulder downwards.

Full arm wax
A full arm wax will include everything from your shoulder downwards, including hands and fingers if required.

Underarm wax
For those who hate shaving, the underarm wax gets rid of all the hair in your armpits. This coarser hair can be a bit more painful than the finer hair on your arms, but that silky smooth feeling can’t be beat by shaving.


Eyebrow wax
A good alternative to threading and plucking, the eyebrow wax shapes your eyebrows quickly and easily.

Lip wax
This popular wax will get rid of the hairs above your upper lip.

Chin wax
Get rid of those pesky chin hairs with this wax. It will often include down the neck and jawline too.

Side of face wax
This includes the hair along the side of your face, such as sideburns and cheeks.

Full face wax
Want to go the full monty? This wax includes all the types of facial waxing above – eyebrows, upper lip, nose, chin, jawline, neck, sideburns & cheeks.
So the next time you are thinking of trying waxing, at least you can go to your chosen salon confident in what you are asking!

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