Aroma Hot Stone Massage

Therapeutic heated, smooth, flat basalt stones are applied to key points of the body. As well as being used in the therapist’s hands as part of the massage strokes to improve circulation, calm the nerves and relax your muscles.

What is an Aroma Hot Stone Massage?

Aroma hot stone massage utilises various massage techniques, such as Swedish and deep tissue, incorporating warm and cold stones, to relax the body at its deepest level, creating harmony and balance. The subtle energies of stones introduced into a treatment calms the senses, relaxes muscle tension, and promotes a meditative state. The heat from the stones penetrates to a deeper level, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow (chi), therefore bringing a balance to both mind and body.

In this luxurious treatment at Secret Oasis, basalt stones are bathed in warm water and then anointed with exotic aromas and placed on key energy points of the body to harmonise the spirit. A rhythmic massage is used to release muscular tension and promote inner peace.


What happens during the Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage begins with placing warm, oiled stones on multiple acupressure points around your body, perhaps even tiny ones between your toes. You may drift off into a dreamy state and lose track of where the hot stones are arranged.

Hot stone massage employs a variety of long strokes and techniques using the stones and hands, working over kinks in your muscles. You are unlikely to feel the intensity, since your muscles will be relaxed by the heat of the stones. Your therapist may alternate between hot and cold basalt stones. As your body sinks further into a state of relaxation, you may even stop noticing the extreme changes in temperature.

Hot stone massage should trigger a deeply relaxed, blissed-out and meditative state. Some clients have reported closing their eyes and seeing bright colours. Enjoy the afterglow — float slowly back to the real world and re-hydrate your body by sipping plenty of water.


Is Hot Stone Massage therapy right for me?

Our aroma hot stone massage is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, varicose veins, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, decreased pain sensitivity, recent wounds, areas of weakened or inflamed skin, tumours, metal implants, recent chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or are on medication that thins the blood. If you think you may be pregnant, let your therapist know.

If you have a serious medical condition you need to provide the spa with a letter from your doctor or practitioner confirming that the treatment is suitable for you.


Aroma Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Relieves muscle pain and tension
Reduces inflammation
Improves flexibility
Improves circulation
Reduces stress and anxiety
Boosts your immune system
Improves sleep

Aroma Hot Stone Massage Aftercare

After enjoying such a pleasant experience in our spa, you’ll want that feeling of bliss to last as long as possible! To retain the positive health benefits of your spa treatment for as long as possible, there’s a little aftercare advice you could follow:

  • Avoid any sporting activity or anything too strenuous after your massage – Take the time to relax a little more! It’s best to avoid anything strenuous until the next day. This is because the massage will not only release tension from your muscles, but toxins too. This can make you feel a little tired and you don’t want to push yourself and overdo it.
  • Drink water after the massage – This is to help flush out those muscle toxins and help you to feel energised and refreshed afterwards.
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine after the massage – Your hot stone massage will really detox your system, so avoid these toxins for around 24 hours if possible, to benefit more.

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