Trigger Point Massage

A form of remedial massage therapy in which direct pressure is applied to specified points on tender muscle tissue to bring about reduction in muscle tension and pain relief.

What is a Trigger Point Massage?

Trigger point massage involves a more targeted approach and is focused directly on releasing painful trigger points which are tight knots that develop in muscle tissues. Muscular knots can cause tightness and tension that may even cause pain. The pain can also travel into other areas of the body which is an effect known as “referral pain”.

Trigger point massages involves applying direct pressure to trigger points or muscular knots throughout the body which can be uncomfortable or painful at first. Communication is very important during trigger point massage so our therapist can adjust their pressure when needed. The pain should not go beyond a hurt so good. Each pain point or muscular knot may be pressed or crunched, massaged with and against the muscle fibres, and stretched.

Trigger point massage can releases the tightest areas of your body (often the neck and low back), helping improve range of motion, posture, releases impinged nerves, and improves alignment. Regular sessions can help with chronic pain, which is sometimes the result of referral pain from trigger points.


Benefits of a Trigger Point Massage

  • By working out knots, you release tight muscles and help reduce pain.
  • Our clients have expressed a reduction of pain in as little as one treatment.
  • Regular trigger point massages offer a natural way to regulate pain from chronic injuries
  • Stimulates the increase of blood circulation to an area.
  • Helps the removal of waste products in the muscles
  • It can also serve as a form of stress release
  • It is an affordable and safe way to try and relieve long-standing pain and discomfort

How to avoid getting painful trigger points?

If you need a trigger point massage, we’re here for you. But we also want to help you avoid the pain of muscle knots in the first place!

3 ways to keep muscle knots at bay:

  • Exercise – Whether you prefer strength training or stretching, moving your body regularly keeps your muscles limber.
  • Take a break from sitting – Even if your job is sedentary, get up and move around once per hour.
  • Get a monthly massage – A regular massage routine helps you relax, improve flexibility, and maintain healthy muscles.

Whether you’re stressing your body too much or too little, knotty muscles and the pain that comes with them can make it hard to find the energy to live your best life.


Where do people get trigger points?

Trigger points and muscle knots can occur anywhere in your body. Wherever there is muscle tissue, there may be a small area of tissue tension. This could be a trigger point. Areas in the body where trigger points are more commonly found may include:

  • Your upper trapezius muscles on either side of your neck just above your shoulders
  • Your quadratus lumborum muscles of your low back
  • Your hamstrings
  • Your calf muscles
  • Along your iliotibial band.

You can get trigger points anywhere in your body, and if they occur excessively, you may experience chronic pain and myofascial pain syndrome.


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