Micro-Current Face Lift

Micro-current is a safe and painless non-surgical Face Lift treatment procedure that rejuvenates the skin giving you more healthy looking contours and making you look considerably younger than your age.

DermaCo Pro VX Micro-current (Biolift)

Micro–current was developed over 20 years ago as a medical treatment to re-educate weakened facial muscles in stroke victims. It has now been adapted to enable therapists the ability to offer you a course of treatments that would effectively tone and firm facial muscle fibre. A safe and painless treatment procedure that rejuvenates the skin giving you more healthy looking contours and making you look considerably younger than your age. After just one treatment there is a noticeable lift but, depending on your individual skin tone and muscle resistance levels, results can often be extremely dramatic.



Micro-Current (Biolift)
60 minutes – £95

  • Thermotherapy
  • Micro-current (Biolift)
  • LED Light Therapy (Red)
  • Ultrasound
  • Cryotherapy

Micro-Current (Biolift) & Microdermabrasion
90 minutes – £130

  • Thermotherapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Micro-current (Biolift)
  • LED Light Therapy (Red)
  • Ultrasound
  • Cryotherapy
  • Algae Mask

Benefits of Micro-current (Biolift)

  • An immediate noticeable lift after just 1 treatment.
  • Increased cell renewal.
  • Increased collagen production.
  • Tighter skin.
  • Toned and lifted eye area.
  • Reduction in the dark puffy circles around the eyes.
  • Significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How does Micro-current (Biolift) work?

The amazing 6 in 1 DermaCo Pro VX machine uses Micro-current to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. The Micro-current emits a very tiny amount of electrical current that, applied to the skins surface, pushes through the dermal layers of the skin tissue and penetrates the muscles beneath. When the current comes into contact with the muscle it re-educates the muscle fibres by using an intermittent electrical current (Faradic) that is biologically compatible with the body’s own natural electrical energy – sometimes referred to as “chi.” These muscle fibres contract and relax achieving an incredible end result leaving skin lifted and toned.


DermaCo Pro VX

The DermaCo Pro VX machine used at Secret Oasis is a 6-in-1 system to completely design a personalised treatment procedure for each individual client. The treatments offered are:
1. Thermotherapy
2. Microdermabrasion
3. Micro-current
4. Ultrasound
5. LED Light Therapy
6. Cryotherapy

The DermaCo Pro VX machine


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*Payment in 2 instalments available. Terms & conditions apply.


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